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Who we are?

Wellbeing Connect Services is the leading Black and Ethnic Minority Mental Health charity in North London with excellent track record in providing valuable and life changing services to families mostly in Enfield for the past 24+ years.

We offer holistic support to families experiencing mental health and domestic violence issues through variety of services such as independent advocacy, specialist advocacy support, self / peer / group support, mentoring and training.

What Underpins this Model?

Strength-based and Holistic Care Model

Identifying what is working well - and identifying the strengths demonstrated as good practice, the 'signs of safety - as being clear about the worries. Narrowing the key factors and conclusions into concise and clear statements of past harm and future danger.

Person / Family Centered Practice

Individual / Family-centered practice is a form of social work brief therapy, that provides time-limited treatments to enable individuals-built resilience and closer to success of maintaining their wellbeing as they complete their sessions. Instead of focusing on the past, the team will be using task-centered practice to focus on the present and how the work individuals do on certain tasks will positively impact their future.

Problem Solving Model

With the problem-solving model, the WCS officer helps an individual identify a problem,& together create an action plan to solve it and implement the solution. Together, the officer and individual discuss the effectiveness of the problem-solving strategy and adjust it as necessary.

WCS Integrated Community/Family Hub


  • Individuals and families who suffer or have experienced mental health issues, domestic violence, or any other related ill health that has or could affect their mental, psychological, emotional, social, or economic wellbeing.
  • Children and young people with anxiety/stress / emotional or mental distress
  • Safeguarding concerns
  • People from BAME communities who have been emotionally and mentally impacted by the effects of Covid 19 pandemic or other trauma-related issues
  • Health (physical, mental, emotional) (parents and/or children)
  • Suspected/disclosed Domestic Abuse
  • Suspected/disclosed Alcohol/substance misuse
  • Suspected neglect
  • Behaviour concerns within the home.
WCS Integrated Community/Family Hub


Agencies such as Schools, CMHT, CAMHS, Social Services, GPs, VCS, Police, Probation Assessment Centres, Hospitals, etc. will complete a short referral form outlining their concerns for the child/young person/adult following consultation with consent from the individual who is over 18 years /parents for a child or young person/ carer.

WCS Business support team to locate the referral agency or parent to ascertain the cause for concern and make contact with the individual to book an appointment for an initial assessment

Wellbeing/advocacy team to do a support plan with the individual and map out what other agencies /LA/VCS that are working with the family and what work is already ongoing.

Parents can also refer their children directly to us.



  • Over 24 years experience dealing with families
  • Well experienced in collaboration and partnership working
  • Bridge builder to the Community
  • A well-Trusted Service
  • Experience in providing Culturally Sensitive Services
  • Early Intervention and Preventive Services
  • Working with vibrant youth and engaging our Youth Advisory / Non-Executive Board
  • Qualified Counsellors and Therapists, Wellbeing and Psychological Wellbeing Officers
  • Extensive Track Record of providing effective services to BAME Communities