WCS Achievement


Best health and social care NPO

We were awarded Best Health & Social Care NPO by Global, Health & Pharma (GHP) in March 2021.

WCS Events

Regardless of the COVID-19 restrictions, we have still found innovative ways to hold events. Contact us to find out what events we currently have lined up. 


Parent Stress Management Workshop – May 2021

Over zoom we held an interactive practical guide on de-stressing and coping with parenthood during these challenging times, We were joined by Vikki Koshoni (Fitness & Wellbeing Coach) and Nadia Nirvana (Holistic Nurse) who covered topics such as: mindfulness, breathing techniques and other tips on how to feel less overwhelmed.

Level Up: Youth Conference – April 2021

We faciliatated an event aimed at empowering young people ages 15+ to begin taking control of their lives. We welcomed guest speakers Charles Emeka (Accountability Coach) and James Aidoo (Youth Practitioner & Inspirational Speaker) to deliver topics on: interview skills, what employers are looking for, attitudes & aspirations, building confidence as well as how to prepare for university.


World Mental Health Week & Black History Month – October 2020

In celebration of World Mental Health Week and Black History Month 2020 we invited several guest speakers to join us in our zoom conference where we bridged the gap in health inequalities of communities within mental health and social care settings. We covered topics such as: Race, Ethnicity and Criminal Justice System on the health and wellbeing of black people, the impact and post-traumatic stress of COVID19 pandemic lockdown on Black NHS key workers’ emotional and mental wellbeing, understanding the role of faith communities in community rebuilding and mental wellbeing, family values and relationships, managing cultural diversity in Post World War II and Wind-Rush Britain and appreciating the contributions of place people in a multi-cultural UK.

Check out the conference here!


Dance in the Park

Dance In the Park – August 2020

We Hosted a dance in the park for young people living or schooling in Enfield. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, young people’s physical activity was limited due to the lockdowns. This event allowed young people to socialise as well as take part in a fun physical activity.


‘Keep your child safe’ Workshop for parents living in Enfield – August 2020

We hosted an event over zoom for parents on empowering and equipping them with the right tools to help today’s young people. We invited guest speaker Phinnah Chichi Ikeji from Parenting Teen Solutions LTD to discuss; signs to look out for in child exploitation, the challenges faced by young people, mental health and how parents can help young people.

Effect of COVID-19 Lockdown on Young People’s Mental Wellbeing – June 2020

We facilitated this event over zoom to highlight and discuss the impact that the COVID-19 lockdown had on young people’s mental wellbeing. We invited guest speakers to deliver presentations on; young empowerment, coping mechanisms, challenges that arose during the lockdown such as #BLM and the effects on our emotional, mental, psychological and physical wellbeing.


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