Our Board of Trustees

Our trustees are experienced and skillful professionals from different backgrounds including Qualified Social Worker, Health & Social Care professionals, Human Resource, Food Scientist, Business men & women

We are still looking for other professionals such as people with legal background, Fund Raising Experts, Finance, Community Involvement, Children and Family, Psychiatrist / Mental health professional etc. If interested in joining our board please kindly contact us at: admin@wellbeingconnectservices.org or info@wellbeingconnectservices.org

Dr. Theresa E.

Dr Theresa Ngozi Ekong



Theresa Ekong was born in Nigeria and came to the UK as a child during the Biafra civil war in that country.  Following secondary school, she attended university where she gained a BSc and PhD in Biochemistry and MScs in Medical Microbiology and European Food Regulatory Affairs.  She spent some years as a research scientist before joining the Civil Service in 2001.  She has since worked in a number of different Government Departments, including the Department of Health, Food Standards Agency and Defra and currently works in the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA). In APHA she manages the Apprenticeship Programme and chairs the Equality Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Focus Group.

She is a committed Christian and active in church life with counselling and pastoral work. Outside church she and her husband are missionaries with a focus on teaching and training Christian ministers in poorer/rural regions of the world (primarily East Africa and Nigeria), in order to equip them for more effective ministry. 

Theresa Ekong is a Trustee of Wellbeing Connect Services and has been Chair since 2018.

She is married with three children and four grandchildren.


She is emotionally resilient, enthusiastic and committed child care professional that is driven by a desire to nurture young people’s potential. With over ten years of experience within the education sector, as well as working within the community, she is very aware of the diverse challenges faced by children, young people and their families. She works  with highly vulnerable children, pupils at risk of exclusion due to SEMH, children missing from school, looked after children and their families, SEN students with EHCP plans,  gang-related issues, violent and aggressive behaviour, substance misuse, school phobic, highly disengaged pupils diagnosed with  personality / anxiety disorders. She has worked with over 300 children and their families; and this has provided her with valuable skills such as working in highly pressured environments.


Isaac is a highly motivated and enthusiastic accountant with over six years of management accounting experience. Diligent and always able to meet month end reporting deadlines. Methodical in approach to variance analysis, actual vs forecast and analytical review. Attention to detail and technically proficient. Strong communication and relationship management skills acquired as a result of working with individuals and able to get along with both work colleagues and directors. Easy going by nature and have a keen eye for detail.


Ugo (pronounced oo-go) is a highly-skilled and experienced Project Lead, leading and directing programmes of work within a variety of sectors from inception to completion, surpassing client expectations and driving the enhancement of productivity across operations. She devises and embeds strong improvement plans, supports and drives forward change management initiatives and thus enables teams of staff to secure numerous successes and work cohesively towards an end result.

Project Management-Related Key Skills

  • Lead and manage delivery of diverse projects across the entire lifecycle
  • Direct and improve all operations
  • Devise strategic plans, establishing achievable targets and timeframes
  • Develop strong business cases
  • Research and assess information and develop reports and presentations
  • Submit high volumes of data for and monitor key metrics (KPIs)
  • Influence future strategies
  • Identify and mitigate risks
  • Engage and direct stakeholders at all levels
  • Lead, develop and encourage teams towards self-management and continuous learning
  • Exemplary communications skills
  • Contract negotiation
  • Oversee change management initiatives
  • Devise and deliver training and coaching
  • Instrumental involvement in business transformations
  • Create and embed focused training resources
  • Undertake social media marketing, using SEO
  • Proactive problem-solving
  • Build and nurture robust professional relationships
Michael O.

Michael Osinibi



A seasoned digital content manager, digital marketing and a genuine love for all things data and technology, with 12+ years understanding the digital marketing industry and extensive experience of B2B marketing, operations and in-house IT business systems. A proven track record of growing the online traffic and revenue of global multilingual websites. Considers himself an IT Specialist and an experienced trainer. By nature, he is a strategic thinker, problem solver that wear many hats, which helps immensely when problems are brought to his attention. Possess strong marketing skills and ability to lead and manage teams and projects across geographies and stakeholders. His unique ability to consistently deliver high quality work, a keen eye for detail, as well as the exposure he has obtained in the digital marketing and sales industry is an invaluable asset at Wellbeing Connect.

We need more Trustees

We need more people to work with us as trustees. If interested, please contact us by phone: 020 8803 2200 or email: info@wellbeingconnectservices.org.