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WCS Youth Primary Goals

Phase 1

More awareness in the community and among our peers

Phase 2

Effect Change

Phase 3

Make our voices heard to the policy makers

Young People's Board Flyer


  • The youth board consists of compassionate young minds who are looking to destigmatize topics surrounding mental health.
  • We, as a board, work together to provide our insight into how the young mind thinks, through frequent interactive meetings discussing how best to tackle the issue and stigmas within our society about mental health. We try our best to come up with new ideas centring our experiences as young people.
  • Our meetings help to develop the treatment for every individual as we strive to impact the lives of others who may be struggling.
  • We are very delighted and intrigued with the work Wellbeing Connect Services are doing with Barnardo’s.



Board Member

Jemima, Chair Person

Portal, Vice Chair

Chloe, Secretary

Ryleh, Vice Secretary

Chika, Treasurer

Christopher, Event Manager

Clara, Social Media Management

Fabiana, Social Media Management

WCS Youth Services

Success Story

During the summer our board worked together on a Football for Mental Health project. We collaborated on ideas of how best to keep young people happy, active and healthy in addition to looking at topics surrounding mental health.

We concluded on the idea of getting young people together at Powerleague allowing them to take part in a tournament and then later on having discussions about mental health where young people could receive advice from professionals working at Wellbeing Connect Services.

We achieved this by advertising our project via a flyer, that was created by the board, we all enjoyed working together to run this project and hope that this is one of the many projects that we will run in the future.


... a fun and interactive session to share ideas about mental health

We found that the group enjoyed the activity, showed great interest during the discussion and they felt that it was a fun and interactive session to share ideas about mental health and what this means to them. They were able to learn the importance of maintaining positive physical wellbeing as well as positive emotional and mental wellbeing.